so despite the appalling michael bay news, today actually had two announcements for independent films i’m extremely excited about

POP ROCKET by olan rogers. i constantly tell everyone i can about olan rogers. i absolutely love his stories vlogs, a lot. but i just am perpetually blown away by his short films. i tried to talk about how amazing they are, but i think you’re better off just watching them, because the amount of time and effort and talent that goes into his work is phenomenal and i am in such awe. pop rocket being the third instalment (a prequel to) last scene/new prime 

"PLEASE SUBSCRIBE" a documentary by dan dobi, who i also find to be a phenomenal film maker, which is basically a behind the scenes look/day in the life of youtubers, to see their creative process and production. i find this to be a fascinating topic, and i highly looking forward to it. there’s a short clip already posted and it looks amazing. 

both these projects are open to community contributions, which is something i find absolutely amazing of our current times and audience. how many low budget film makers could never make their dreams possible because they couldn’t get a studio to fund them. but we can help. i’ve personally contributed a small amount to both. i’m unfortunately not currently able to give more, but i intend to support them the whole way.